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Wedding Catering San Luis Obispo

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity; bringing family and friends together as you say “I do”. It is a day you cannot do over, this is the day to honor wishes, and so it is crucial that you select the best wedding team to execute and orchestrate flawlessly the most important day in your life. When you select Mistura Catering, we create a highly personal experience where you can feel confident and relax while you enjoy with your beloved ones on the day of your dreams.

Our executive chef, Nicola Allegretta will tailor your menu to reflect what you envision the most. We guarantee you will savor every delicious flavor of fresh made, exquisite gourmet cuisine and the palate pleasing panache of Haute Catering creations, throughout your wedding reception. We understand that each wedding is as unique as the two of you are, and we take pride in our ability to customize the tiniest details as we contribute to the creation of your wedding vision.

In the planning stages, it is important for us to gain your trust through our guidance and expertise, so that by the time you walk down the aisle, you can rest assured that everything will be flawlessly executed. It is our goal that you may relax and enjoy your wedding day with your guests.

Style My Wedding

The creative mind behind every boutique wedding design. With a true passion and creative energy inherent in designing custom weddings, Jackeline possesses the astute ability to visualize space and create timeless designs tailored to each couple's unique needs; paired with her warmth, attention to detail and flair for making the process exciting and fun.

Jackeline’s devotion lies in the art of creating memories. Recognizing that weddings are a labor of love, Jackeline believes your wedding is the expression of your story; creating a fantasy for your guests. Her direct approach ensures clear communication, while her keen focus is the driving force behind both her strategic and creative vision of the design process and aesthetic value. She blends thoughtful practicality with innovative design, the result of which allows for creative ideas that are produced without a hitch. Personable, professional and multifaceted, Jackeline will carefully guide you in planning and designing your wedding.

Our clients are varied in culture and age but have one thing in common: they are seeking a creative, discerning design vision that can be seamlessly translated into an experience of depth, meaning and beauty on the day of their wedding.

When it comes to weddings, there are no two alike; each wedding is a reflection of the couple. Mistura Catering has the ability to incorporate your unique personality and preferences into your special day through various design elements. By simply incorporating your theme and colors, we can elevate your wedding day to a higher level, and an ever-lasting day. 
When it comes to wedding catering San Luis Obispo, Mistura Catering is on top of every caterer's list. 

I Do!

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